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Honoring a Career of Giving

On the eve of his retirement, when asked what he would tell young people just starting out in business, Jim Burke responds, “you get what you give.” Throughout his 40-year career, Jim has embodied that sentiment and more by giving so much to teammates and his community.

“Jim has been a tremendous asset to Bank of Marin. He has built a great team and has the respect of everyone across the Bank,” says Russell A. Colombo, President and Chief Executive Officer. “One of the finest people I know, Jim combines honesty, integrity and a non-stop work ethic. I will miss him both professionally and personally.”

As Chief Information Officer at Bank of Marin, Jim’s significant accomplishments are eclipsed only by his contributions to the community as a lifelong volunteer. Since he joined the Bank in 2013, Jim has been on the Boards of The Volunteer Center of the East Bay and Alternatives in Action, a leadership development program for high school students. Currently, he works with Rebuilding Together in Oakland, an organization focused on renovating low-income housing.

Through the Bank of Marin All Stars program, Jim is also mentoring a young man whom he hopes will benefit from his advice: “If you conduct yourself with integrity, treat people compassionately and honestly, and never ask anyone to do something you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself, you will build a network of people who will be there when you need them.”

As Jim reflects on what makes Bank of Marin unique, he sums it up easily in one word: people. “Bank of Marin is a special place because of the people who work here and how we work collaboratively as a team.” Teamwork is something Jim knows a lot about as he has partnered with people across the organization on major projects including the recent implementation of a new digital banking system and the successful integration of two major acquisitions.

Looking ahead to retirement, at the top of Jim’s list is to spend more time volunteering. While his plans to travel are on hold for now, our communities will be the beneficiaries of Jim’s time and talent.

Thank you for your many years of committed service, Jim. We wish you all the best!