Reflections on a Successful Career:
Celebrating Beth Reizman

Throughout her 26-year tenure at Bank of Marin, Beth Reizman continued to earn senior leadership positions through hard work and a desire to always learn more. Starting out as a lender, then team leader and later, Commercial Banking division manager, Beth became known for her insightful critical thinking and problem solving for customers. She became Chief Credit Officer at the Bank in 2013, a role she will be retiring from on January 3, 2022.

During her time with Bank of Marin, Beth has seen the Bank grow significantly through expansion to new markets and several acquisitions. Beth shared her perspective on how the Bank has stayed true to its roots, “through it all, we have remained committed to being disciplined and doing right by the Bank and our customers – when we say it, we mean it.”

In addition to the satisfaction that comes from anticipating and serving client needs, Beth also invested her time in coaching and supporting team members, a role she found to be incredibly rewarding. “Mentoring was huge for me – I really loved that part of the job.”

On the eve of her retirement from a successful career, Beth reflected on the advice she’d give to young professionals, which is to “always be yourself.” In her words, “Never change who you are at work. Be curious to try new things and take on more so you can become well-rounded in your skills and experience. Always share your opinion, as people will come to expect it and respect it. While being outspoken can seem daunting at times, we need critical thinkers and a diversity of perspectives in business.”

As for what she will do next, Beth has lots of possibilities for how she’ll spend her time, including visiting her grown children and continuing to give back to the community. This includes continuing her work as Board President of Vivalon, Marin’s beloved nonprofit organization serving seniors based in San Rafael.

We wish you all the best, Beth!

Tim Myers, Beth Reizman, Brandi Campbell, Nicole Young, Andrea Henderson.