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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Bank of Marin. Here, we work with you to build a thriving business and community. Our institution is tailored to serve Bay Area businesses and the people who run them, providing insight, guidance and support, as part of the legendary service that is our hallmark.

Bank of Marin’s philosophy, reflected below in our core values, is banking built on trust and relationships. You’ll find experts whose knowledge of the local markets is yours to tap into. Our creative and customized solutions safely and confidently support your growth and success now and into the future. Whether you’re a sole proprietor forging your first company or the CEO of a well-established corporation, we’ll work side-by-side with you to help you reach your financial goals..

Core Values

Relationship Banking: Build strong, long-term customer relationships based on expertise, accountability and integrity, while inspiring loyalty through exceptional service.

Disciplined Fundamentals: Disciplined approach to the way we do business, with sound banking practices, high quality products, and the application of consistent fundamentals. This ensures consistently strong results.

Community Commitment: Strong communities benefit everyone. We give back to the communities that we serve through active employee volunteerism, nonprofit board leadership and financial contributions.