Analytic Tracking and Cookies

Analytic tracking

We employ Google Analytics and other data collection tools to collect Non-Personally Identifiable Information when available. This information is used to make improvements to our websites and to monitor the effectiveness of website changes.

Some common types of information collected include, but are not limited to, your IP address, device and operating system, pages visited, your zip code, state and country, date and time of your visit, internet service provider; and certain demographic information Google makes available such as age, gender and interests. This data collection provides a statistical summary that cannot be tracked back to a specific individual. For example, we are able to view the number of visitors to our site who use a certain type of Internet browser, but we are not able to determine which browser a specific visitor uses. Please keep in mind this statement refers our publicly accessible website, and not The Bank of Marin Digital Banking Service. In instances of the use of our products and services, we may use personally identifiable information (PII) in order to better serve you and provide product support. See the bank’s consumer privacy policy for more information.

By accessing our Online Services you are allowing this information to be available to Google. Google’s ability to use and share information collected by Google Analytics about your visits to this site is restricted by the Google Analytics Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy. You can prevent Google Analytics from recognizing you on return visits to this site by disabling cookies on your browser.


A cookie is a small text file containing a string of characters sent to your computer or device when you visit a website. When you visit the website again, the cookie allows that site to recognize your browser. Cookies may store user ids, preferences and other information. Cookies can then be used to identify and authorize logged in users, help remember your preferences, and generally improve your browsing experience. Cookies can also help ensure that the marketing you see online is more relevant to you.

Cookies are uniquely assigned to you and can be read only by a web server in the domain that issued the cookie to you. Cookies are not spyware. Spyware collects and sends private information simply by being connected to the Internet. Cookies are server-specific, meaning you generally have to be on that particular site for cookies on that page to be read.

The Bank of Marin, as well as third-party vendors including Google, may use cookies to inform, optimize and serve content based on your visit to our websites. We also may utilize cookies for advertising purposes.

You have the option to accept or decline cookies during Internet use. By default, most web browsers accept cookies automatically. To decline cookie use, visit the Settings menu in your browser where you may clear your browser’s cookies or disable cookies. Keep in mind, this may disable certain functionality.