Delivering relationship banking to three generations in Amador County

Debbie Gunther

Debbie Gunther

She’s no stranger to banking, her customers, or her community. For nearly four decades, Debbie Gunther has been helping Amador County residents and businesses with their banking needs. Named “Best Bank Teller in all of Amador County” by the local paper at least five times, Gunther is so much more. She is a colleague known for always going the extra mile and is a household name for many customers whom she has provided financial expertise to across three generations.

Gunther’s banking career started in the late 70’s as a remittance banking clerk and proof operator; her keen eye for detail made her a natural at catching and correcting errors and inconsistencies. After five years in that role, the East Bay native moved to Amador County and began what became a 40-year career (this fall) at now Bank of Marin.

“This community—my bank family and my neighbors—has always been there for me,” said Gunther. “I absolutely love what I do every day and am happy that I’ve been able to give back professionally and philanthropically throughout my years here.”

While her professional journey led her to various roles within the Bank, there was one position she held continuously for 35 years: Amador County Fair volunteer. As a Junior Livestock Auction volunteer, Gunther used her financial expertise to bill buyers, collect payments, and ensure that all accounting was accurate.

“What I didn’t know when I started volunteering with the Fair’s livestock auction was that—years later—my own children and, eventually, my granddaughter would also raise and sell their animals through the Fair,” recalled Gunther.

Gunther retired from this role in 2018 and was inducted into the Amador County Fair Hall of Fame later that year, culminating her stellar volunteer career. Nominated and selected by the Fair’s Board of Directors for being the “fairest of the Fair”, Debbie was recognized for making the Fair her life-long passion and for the endless hours she committed to Amador’s youth and the junior livestock program.

Throughout her banking career, Gunther has seen lots of change. “I’m one of two original Bank of Amador employees who remained with the bank through its two acquisitions,” she recalls. Gunther credits her professional longevity to two sets of people: her amazing customers and working alongside a great crew. “What can I say? I like what I do! And, I’ve enjoyed growing alongside my long-time clients and welcoming their children—and even grandchildren—to the bank.”