Lying Down on the Job, Just Once!

Problem solver. Historian. Volunteer. Dependable Colleague. Mother and Friend.

Karen Hegarty embodies all those titles and more. In her 30 years at Bank of Marin, she has taken on many challenges while advancing to her current role as First Vice President, Exception Services Manager.

When Karen was hired as a customer service representative for our Corte Madera branch in January 1991, Bank of Marin was celebrating its first anniversary. Karen started out as a Customer Service Representative and was responsible for all traditional teller activities.

Karen has always been a team player.  While the Bank was growing, so was Karen’s family. She worked right up until her daughter was born, even lying down to rest behind the teller station one day!

Today, Karen oversees all “exception” transactions, which is where she puts her analytical skills to work. In her words, “I enjoy analyzing complex transactions to find the cause of problems, including fraud. Resolving issues for our customers makes my work very rewarding.”

A mentor to many people over the years, Karen enjoys providing guidance and support to help people reach beyond what they believed they were capable of. Her advice is to learn the different aspects of banking and find your passion. “In this business, I tell people to always be ready for change. Change is good and it happens frequently in banking.”

Karen is looking forward to her future work with the Bank and she is also appreciating time with her three children and their families.

Congratulations, Karen, on 30 years of providing legendary service at Bank of Marin.