Treasury Management

You’ll save both time and money when you combine the attentive service of a business banker, their knowledge of best practices, and a complete portfolio of products and services designed to help with your most important treasury management needs. Online, in-branch, or at your office, we’re here to help with fast collection of funds, efficient money movement, secure disbursement, and more.

Simply put, our Treasury Management services work as hard as you do, offering:

It’s one more way we can really make a difference for a business like yours.
*Some products and services subject to credit approval.

To ENROLL in Treasury Management services or for more information, please contact your local branch.

ACH Origination

ACH Origination allows direct deposit of domestic payroll, tax payments and funds payment and collection. Subject to credit approval.

ACH Positive Pay Fraud Service

This fraud prevention tool reduces the risk of ACH fraud by stopping unauthorized ACH debits from posting to your account. Using pre-authorization criteria that you establish, this system determines which ACH transactions are allowed to automatically pay, and which unexpected ACH transactions will require your timely review and specific instructions before they post to your account.

Business Enhanced Credit Sweep

Designed for our Commercial Banking and large corporate customers, our multi-level sweep structure includes your Line of Credit and/or Cash Investment Sweep, Operating/General Checking Account and lower level Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) so that funds availability is viewable and accessible to any of the accounts at any level within the structure. Loan advances and payments take place automatically based on the target balance in the Operating/General Checking Account and are driven by the activity in the lower level accounts.

Digital Banking for Business

Get access to real-time financial data that is secure and available 24/7. Our solutions are tailored to fit your specific requirements with streamlined account reconciliation, popular accounting software integration, and an expanded list of other business services.

Cash Sweep

Cash Sweep offers effective funds management to ensure that excess cash is invested daily in an interest bearing account. Funds will automatically be swept to and from your business checking account, ensuring liquidity, interest earnings and FDIC insurance up to the allowable maximum.

Check Positive Pay Fraud Service

An online system that helps reduce the risk of check fraud by allowing businesses to monitor their authorized, issued checks compared to those presented for payment at the Bank. It will require your timely review and specific instructions before checks are posted to your account. You can also run reports on paid and outstanding items.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Reporting

EDI Reporting converts traditional ACH business-to-business payment-related financial information into easy-to-read reports.  EDI Reporting helps you match payments to open accounts receivable entries. Once you subscribe to this service, reports will be automatically available to you through Business Online Banking.

Healthcare ACH Payments Reporting

Keep your healthcare payment information private and confidential.  Receive a daily secure email providing payment-related information for each correctly formatted and identified Healthcare ACH payment credited to your account. The email will provide information such as the re-association trace number, optional reference ID, payment amount and settlement date.

Image Lockbox

An efficient method of processing receivables, this service collects, deposits, and reports your receivables to you daily, eliminating time consuming in-house processing. Easily view check images and documents online.

Online Wire Transfers

Online wire transfers are the fastest, most convenient way for your business to move funds quickly and securely around the country or the world.

Visa Business Prepaid Card

PEX is a next-generation expense management platform that offers improved reconciliation practices, transparent and efficient spending, purchase control, and enhanced financial security. For more information click here.

Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit checks electronically from your office and reduce your trips to the bank. Simply scan checks at your desktop with a certified scanner and send them electronically to us. Subject to credit approval.

Valet Banking

A truly convenient courier service for picking up deposits on a regular schedule or a “will call” basis.

Zero Balance Accounts

Provides consolidation of Bank of Marin funds into one concentration account. Activity in zero balance accounts is automatically offset on a daily basis to and from the concentration account, streamlining your account monitoring procedures.