Positive Pay Services

Check Positive Pay is an online system that helps reduce the risk of check fraud by allowing businesses to monitor their authorized, issued checks compared to those presented for payment at the Bank. It will require your timely review and specific instructions before checks are posted to your account. You can also run reports on paid and outstanding items.

How it works:



ACH Positive Pay is another fraud prevention tool to reduce the risk of ACH fraud by stopping unauthorized ACH debits from posting to your account. Using pre-authorization criteria that you establish, this system determines which ACH transactions are allowed to automatically pay, and which unexpected ACH transactions will require your timely review and specific instructions before they post to your account.

How it works:



Both ACH and Check Positive Pay are now enabled for mobile approval, which means you can review and approve checks from your mobile device. The combination of mobile business banking and positive pay create a convenient yet extremely powerful tool to combat fraud and cyber theft.

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